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Who should consider starting a food business?

If you enjoy cooking and being creative, if you like the excitement of meeting new people and new challenges, then why not use it to earn money? By becoming a personal chef or starting your own home-based catering business, you can turn your passion for food, creativity, and people into a financially rewarding and fun experience.

If running your own home-based food business sounds appealing to you, here are some things to consider before you get started.

Start Up Costs, Business Equipment and Financing

Determine what you need
Depending on the nature and scope of your business, you are likely going to need some commercial kitchen equipment, computer equipment, transportation and other business necessities all of which can be financed though equipment leasing.

Figure your start-up costs
Consider your equipment costs and cost of operations and marketing / promotion when determining your start up costs. Determine whether a loan or other business financing is necessary and choose the best option for both your short term and long term objectives. Consider the advantages of a business equipment loan versus the benefits on an equipment lease when choosing the right financing for your commercial equipment.

Other Important Business Considerations

What will you offer and how?
The first step towards a building a successful business is creating some kind of business plan. How detailed this plan will be really depends on the nature of your business. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental points that should be hashed out. You should determine what your projected client base will be and what products and services you will be offering. You should also figure out who will be your competition, and how you will promote your business. Other things to consider are the details of hiring of employees, purchasing supplies, and acquiring equipment.

Familiarize yourself with the necessary laws.
Check out your state's requirements for running a catering or other cooking-related business in your home. Make sure you are also in compliance with any licensing and sanitation laws. In some cases you may be required to separate the food operation area from your home kitchen, including separate sinks for food, utensil washing and cleaning. Also pay attention to any requirements for your water and plumbing system.

With a little consideration and planning you can turn your passion for cooking into a viable business.



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