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Christmas Gift Basket


Attractive basket
Candy canes
Candles (scented or unscented, votive, tea lights or tapers)
Pine cones
Cinnamon sticks tied with a red ribbon
Greenery (spruce, cedar, holly, or pine)
Decorative Christmas ornaments
For any occasion add:
Hot cider, special tea bags, special coffee or cocoa mixes
Oranges, tangerines, or apples
Unshelled nuts or packets of roasted nuts
Wrapped candy or baked goods
Small toys or puzzles
Hand cream
Lip gloss or Chap stick
Clear gift wrap


Fill basket with any or all of the above items.

Place clear gift wrap under the basket, bring it over the top of the basket, and tie it up with a big pretty bow, attaching Christmas ornaments and candy canes!

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